Cancer Survivor Tattoos Ideas

Cancer survivor tattoos are actually similar to cancer ribbon tattoos. People make the outline of the ribbon and color it with particular color which represents the kind of cancer they are talking about. What makes the difference is that they add the word “survivor” near the tattoo. Those are what you call cancer survivor tattoos. For instance, they have grey ribbon tattoo and add the word “survivor” in the middle of the ribbon, crossing it. It means that they are the survivors of brain cancer. Another example is to draw a bigger tattoo of cancer survivor tattoos and add the word inside the ribbon. You need to draw the ribbon big enough to give enough space for the letters. Another idea is to write the letters made from the ribbon. So, what you will see is the word “survivor” with particular color of ribbon. To make this, you will need a wider space more than hand or arm.


Cancer Survivor Tattoos Designs

Outta Place Cancer Survivor Tattoos

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