Want to Try Violent Lip Tattoos?

Violent lip tattoos are not common. On the contrary, if you want to be bold and unique, you should consider violent lip tattoos as the highlight of your look. Regular definition of violence will be about something which looks terrifying. What is the first thing to appear on your mind if you hear about violence? If you consider it cool, then that thing is the one you should have for your violent lip tattoos. One example is to have knife as your tattoo drawing. Knife shows a cool yet frightening image. Thus, you can have a little knife with a unique shape drawn on your lip. Make this little knife as if it is cutting part of your lip. Skin scratch drawing will help the look to be more real. This is one example of unique lip tattoo ideas. Get other object or symbol of violence, and have it tattooed on your lip.


Violent Lip Tattoos

Sexy Blue Violent Lip Tattoos

Above is Post and Pictures of Violent Lip Tattoos

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