Vines for Hand Tattoo Designs

Hand tattoo designs are so various. There are so many options and creative drawings you can have for hand tattoo designs. Now, let’s try ideas of hand tattoo for girls. Here, we will concern more on pretty tattoo, such as flower vines. Draw vines of particular flower you prefer starting from the wrist. Make a larger bush of vines on the upper part of the hand. Create more complicated braided vines on this part. Add more flowers and leaves to fill in the emptiness. Then, reduce the size of the vines as it goes to your finger. When it starts to approach your finger, make only one or two lines of vines lying on one of your finger, only one finger. Index finger or ring finger is decent options for these vines drawing extension. On the tip of the finger, add a blooming flower to make a focus of the overall hand tattoo designs.


Hand Tattoo Designs for Girls and For Men

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