Trying Tattooed Breasts

Tattooed breasts are already becoming common things to do among tattoo enthusiasts. You can choose whether you want to have big scale tattoo or only a simple and little one. Now, let’s start with big and dense tattooed breasts. The idea is similar to drawing tattoo on any other part of the body. Pick one simple object of your preference and put the drawing on the upper part of the breast. Frequently, people will draw the tattoo only on one side of the breast. Another idea for tattooed breasts is to go bold by covering the whole breasts area with tattoo drawings. Flowers, carvings and vines are beautiful objects you can choose. Use colors to highlight your tattoo presence. You better choose wisely where you will place your tattoo drawings because if it is too hidden, the beauty can’t be appealed to other people. You can keep the beauty yourself, though.


Tattooed Breasts

Chest Tattooed Breasts

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