Tribal Chest Tattoos for Men and Women

Tribal chest tattoos are second to none for great options of tattoo drawings. Either men or women can pull things off with these tribal chest tattoos. These tribal patterns offer a fierce yet cool look wherever they exist on your body. Chest can make these tribal tattoos even more appealing due to possibility of large size of the tattoo drawings. One style is to place these tribal chest tattoos right in the middle of the chest to create a symmetrical and catchy look. Another way is to draw them only on one side of the chest and probably extend the drawings to your shoulder or back. Since tribal patterns are like spiky-vines, you can extend the drawings easily. Mostly, tribal tattoos need only black color. However, for women who want something brighter, you can also add one or two colors to fill up the empty part of the tribal patterns.


Tribal Chest Tattoos Designs

Polynesian Tribal Chest Tattoos

Above is Article and Gallery of Tribal Chest Tattoos

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