Skull Sleeve Tattoos for Fierce Look

Skull sleeve tattoos offer a ferocious look to those who have it. One option is to have a big number of skulls filling the whole sleeve area. Add some additional backgrounds or objects to avoid boring and confusing look of these big number of skulls. Put some flames around your skull sleeve tattoo. It can improve your tattoo look and at the same time reduce the density of skull drawings. If you want a less dense skull sleeve tattoos, place only a small number of skulls with bigger size. Pick several different shapes of skull from different viewpoint. Choose one or two large skulls as the highlight of the overall tattoo. Make these highlights quite eye catchy and distinctive to put great impression for everyone who sees it the first time or even many times. Colored tattoo for this kind of drawing is rare. Black ink is enough since skull drawing is already great.


Skull Sleeve Tattoos Designs

Skull Sleeve Tattoos Randyorton

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