Single Color or Colorful Arm Sleeve Tattoos

Arm sleeve tattoos are frequently seen on men. This is probably because girls are likely to choose something simpler to cover only a small part of their body. However, it does not mean that you, girls, can’t have these arm sleeve tattoos. For men, the tattoos will be more of full tattoo drawing of one color covering every inch of their arm sleeve. Most of it is a kind of painting full of objects and backgrounds. These are like painting on canvas which is copied to the arm. Wrist is the regular limit of these drawings. It is quite rare to find extension of tattoo drawings on people’s palms. These dense and complicated tattoo drawings are actually can be applied to girls. What make things quite different are probably the choice of drawings and the use of more colors. Arm sleeve tattoos for girls are typically anything related to flowers and plants.


Arm Sleeve Tattoos for Women

Black Roses Arm Sleeve Tattoos

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