Simple and Small Wrist Tattoos

Small wrist tattoos are minimal and simple, yet stunning. Having gorgeous tattoo does not mean to have a full body covered tattoo. You can also pull things off by having this kind of small wrist tattoos. One example for tattoo design is to draw a meaningful symbol. A word written in Japanese kanji is one decent tattoo to have. It is simple yet offers a pretty sight. Music symbol can also be used. Treble clef or bass clef can also be beautiful choice for small wrist tattoos. Another wonderful idea is to draw an object on two wrists. It means you cut whatever object you choose into half. Draw one half on left wrists and the other half on right wrist. So, when you put your wrist together, you will get the whole tattoo drawing. Butterfly, flower and ribbon can be great for this style of tattoo design.


Small Wrist Tattoos Designs

Small Wrist Tattoos Cross

Small Wrist Tattoos Cross

It is Post with gallery of Small Wrist Tattoos for Men and Women

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