Pink Ribbon Tattoos are Beauty

Pink ribbon tattoos are probably owned by people who have experienced breast cancer problem in their family or relatives. The outline of ribbon is universal sign of cancer. However, the ribbon’s color decides what kind of cancer people are talking about. If it is pink ribbon tattoos, then it is about breast cancer. This tattoo is quite simple yet it is still able to appeal as much as other examples of even more complicated tattoo drawings. Pink ribbon tattoos are beautiful. Some people will simply have only the ribbon tattooed on their hand or arm without any additional objects or writings. Some others prefer to add some main focus. One example is a flower of any kind. In the stem of the flower, they insert the pink ribbon. This simple addition can enhance the look of your tattoo. Another example of additional drawing is butterfly’s wings on each side of the ribbon.


Pink Ribbon Tattoos Designs

Pink Ribbon Tattoos on Foot

Above is Article and Pictures of Pink Ribbon Tattoos

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