Why Do Finger Tattoos Fade?

Finger tattoos fade. That is one popular discussion among people who want or have got tattoo on their finger. This is actually not a complete hoax. It is quite true that finger tattoos fade. This is due to the frequent use of hands on your daily activities. You wash, touch and scrub your hands so often every day. Moreover, this part of the body is likely to always get exposed to sunlight. This means that your skin is easier and faster to shed and the result is your finger tattoos fade. To avoid severe and fast fading, you might better ask for advices from your tattoo artists. You need to take notes of how to take care of finger tattoos, what instructions you need to follow after you get your finger tattooed. One example is to apply sunscreen wherever you go outside to protect the tattoo from getting exposed to sunshine.


Finger Tattoos Fade

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Chest Tattoo Ideas from Many Sources

Chest tattoo ideas can come from various sources. For girls, impressive inspiration can come from children books. Many illustration pictures are cute and are decent to have as chest tattoo ideas. One example is cute sparkling stars. Draw a group of stars of different sizes along your upper part of your chest from left to right. Add some sparkles surrounding the stars to make it look like it is glowing. Many other examples of children cute drawings can also be good choices. One magnificent example of chest tattoo ideas for men is to have a scratch-like drawing in the middle part of the chest. Draw a three dimensional drawings of the scratch to make it look like real wound. If you want to go bolder, add a drawing of Spiderman or Superman symbol. Thus, it will be like there is Spiderman symbol coming out from under your skin, tearing from the inside.


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Religious Chest Tattoo Ideas

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Numerous Way to Have Wrist Tattoo Designs

Wrist tattoo designs are numerous. You can have many creative tattoos drawn on your wrist. Let’s try considering this first idea of wrist tattoo designs. Make a couple tattoos. Choose what drawings you want to have which are suitable for couple tattoos, such as a heart shape and some beautiful words circling the heart. Cut this drawing into two parts. Draw one part on your wrist and draw the other on the wrist of your partner. This way, you can get the whole picture by joining the wrists together. Such a romantic stuff, isn’t it? Another cool design for wrist tattoo designs is to draw a bracelet drawing on your wrist. Find an inspiration of a really pretty bracelet drawing. Add an additional jewel or ribbon to improve your bracelet tattoo look. Or, make a bracelet assembled from chains of beautiful sentences or words. This kind of bracelet can make your day and brighten your life.


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Showing Concern with Breast Cancer Tattoos

Breast cancer tattoos are for those people who really concern about the problem. This is one way they can do to show their care to people of the society. To easily show your concern, then place your breast cancer tattoos on the body part which is frequently not covered by clothes. Some fine options are hand, arm and neck. These body parts are the least to have covered by clothes. About the design of breast cancer tattoos, there is no something atypical in detail appearance. This is indeed because the symbol is official and internationally used. It is a pink ribbon. Use black as the outline and fill I the emptiness of the drawing with pink color. It is so easy to make this tattoo. Nonetheless, you might want to add some beautiful words around the symbol to remind you or other people who are reading it to concern more about this problem of the world.


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Writings for Inner Arm Tattoos

Inner arm tattoos are mostly about texts. People write sentences of deep meaning and compile those writings on their inner arm. The writings are in many ways written. Some of them are regular Latin alphabet. What makes one different from another is the font style they use and font size. There can also be some additional drawings surrounding the writings as decoration. Other people will choose different writing style for their inner arm tattoos. These distinct writings can be their country’s writing systems or some popular writing system of the world. One example is Japanese writings, kanji. The shape of the symbol is cool and moreover, one symbol can represent a deep meaning. What you need to do is to decide what kind of word you want to choose as your inner arm tattoos. Then, confirm the right writings to trusted sources of related writing system to avoid regret of wrong choice.


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Vines for Hand Tattoo Designs

Hand tattoo designs are so various. There are so many options and creative drawings you can have for hand tattoo designs. Now, let’s try ideas of hand tattoo for girls. Here, we will concern more on pretty tattoo, such as flower vines. Draw vines of particular flower you prefer starting from the wrist. Make a larger bush of vines on the upper part of the hand. Create more complicated braided vines on this part. Add more flowers and leaves to fill in the emptiness. Then, reduce the size of the vines as it goes to your finger. When it starts to approach your finger, make only one or two lines of vines lying on one of your finger, only one finger. Index finger or ring finger is decent options for these vines drawing extension. On the tip of the finger, add a blooming flower to make a focus of the overall hand tattoo designs.


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Get Lipstick Tattoo

Lipstick tattoo is likely to only have girls for its admirer. There is no more obvious reason than the fact that lipstick one girl’s best friend which accompany them everywhere and every time they go. This probably has become the symbol of beauty based on the fact that there are some girls who already get lipstick tattoo on their body. The look of lipstick tattoo varies. One style is to draw the whole part of lipstick cosmetics. This is a portrait of the object drawn on your body. Arm, lower back and hand are perfect location to put these drawings. Another way is to draw a kiss created from lipstick. Neck, shoulder and back are perfect place for this kind of drawing. The color option is just regular, hot red. Still, you can be creative by using any other colors you prefer. Pink, purple or blue will be fine if that is what you prefer.


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Full Back Tattoos

Full back tattoos are for those people who want to go bold and daring. Due the wideness of back area, you will need drawings which are able to appeal and at the same time not making people who see it dizzy due to its density. One idea for full back tattoos is to draw one main attraction of particular object in huge size to fill the whole back area. For men, it is recommended to have wild animals’ tattoo drawing. You can choose either only the head or full body of the animal. This will result in sexy back tattoos. For girls or women who concern more about femininity and beauty, it is recommended to have colorful tattoo of particular paintings. The painting can be a scenery or duplication of famous painting in the world of your preference. Choose the best part of the painting only and fill the whole back with that beautiful work of art for your full back tattoos.


Full Back Tattoos Ideas

Full Back Tattoos Ideas

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Feet Tattoos for Girls

Feet tattoos are probably more popular for girls. This is because the impressions of feet tattoos are beauty and sophistication. Besides, girls footwear typically exposes much skin of the feet. This way, the tattoo on girls’ feet can also be exposed without having problem to always take their footwear off to show the beauty of their tattoo. Simple and small drawings are the best option for feet tattoos. One example is to draw one flower with its stem laying on top or side part of your feet. Add some pale color to make it more like vintage. Or you can draw pretty animals, such as little bird or butterfly. Combine these drawings with small twigs or flower petals where these animals land. Your name or someone special is also possible options. Keep it simple to make it elegance. Don’t worry about foot tattoo pain, since the pain will not last long. The drawing is what will last beautifully.


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