Hand Tattoos for Men

Hand tattoos for men are likely to be about something cool and manly. One cool design for hand tattoos is to draw bones on top of your hand. The bones drawings are the exact copy of your hand bones. This is to create a catchy look of X-ray. So, these tattoos make your hand looking like a result of an X-ray. Draw the bones starting from the tip of fingers up to the wrist. Perhaps, get only one hand to get tattooed is better since having two bones-tattooed hands seem too much and too detailed. A glimpse of these cool hand tattoos for men will take any attention of many people. Another idea is to have a small dragon drawing on your hand. Dragon is one cool object for hand tattoos for men. Make a drawing where the dragon’s tail is circling one of your finger and the head is appearing in the middle of your hand.


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Ring Finger Tattoos for Further Beauty

Ring finger tattoos are the most common choice of finger tattoo designs. This is because of the limited area of tattoo drawing. And also, what is the most common thing people see on someone’s finger? Ring. That is why ring finger tattoos are primary choices. The ring can be of braided lines or vines circling one or two fingers. If it is braided vine, you can add a blooming flower on top of the finger to make a main attraction on the overall tattoo. Another design for ring finger tattoos is to make ribbon tattoo drawing circling your finger. Ribbon is pretty and you can use it to circle your finger to make an imitation of ring. Moreover, you can be more flexible in coloring the tattoo since ribbon can be of numerous kinds of color. Or you can write something but make it circle your ring finger to create a ring-like look.


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Arm Tattoos for Men

Arm tattoos for men are frequently about something fierce. One general option of arm tattoos for men is tribal patterns. Its fierce look is so fitting to masculine look. Besides, the patterns are easy to modify. Thus, it will do great as tattoo drawings in any part of the body. If it is for your arm, then make the patterns circling your arm as if it is a snake. Start the drawing from elbow and finish it on the palm or wrist. You can go full arm tattoo or just have simple yet stunning tribal patterns. Another example for arm tattoos for men is to draw someone special’s names or pictures. This is because arm is the easiest part of the body to look at. Thus, when you look at your arm and have special things on it, it might help you to better your tiring days. Isn’t it, great?


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Chest Tattoo Designs

Chest tattoo designs are likely about men. However, girls who want to be different can also have them. One idea for chest tattoo designs for both men and women is the drawings of playing card. It can be a group of Joker, Diamond, Heart or Shovel cards. Don’t put too many cards, though. It seems too dense if you have too many drawings in one place. Draw some other additional objects or patterns surrounding the cards to highlight your tattoo. Another inspiration for chest tattoo designs is to draw religious symbol. One mostly used symbol is the cross. Choose a big size cross to create a decent first impression. Be creative with the carving and additional outline of the cross. Make it as appealing as possible. You can also have additional drawings circling or surrounding the cross, such as flames, long ribbons, vines or flowers. These additional drawings will make it even more gorgeous.


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Tattoos on The Back

Tattoos on the back are the most common thing to do for people who are fond of the art of tattoo. This is due to the large space you have for drawing any kinds of tattoo drawings you desire. Your back is like a big empty canvas. Thus, you need to decide how to fill this canvas with something magnificent. One style for tattoos on the back is to go simple and sparse. Choose small object yet appealing of drawing and put it in one apt part of the back which can highlight it over time. Another style for tattoos on the back is to go bolder with full back tattoos. Go with density and complicated drawings. Fill the whole back area with tattoo drawings. You can also add some lines of words among the drawings to make a difference and another focus. Extend the drawings to your arm or stomach to create an even more magnificent look.


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Tattoos on The Back for Men

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Want to Try Violent Lip Tattoos?

Violent lip tattoos are not common. On the contrary, if you want to be bold and unique, you should consider violent lip tattoos as the highlight of your look. Regular definition of violence will be about something which looks terrifying. What is the first thing to appear on your mind if you hear about violence? If you consider it cool, then that thing is the one you should have for your violent lip tattoos. One example is to have knife as your tattoo drawing. Knife shows a cool yet frightening image. Thus, you can have a little knife with a unique shape drawn on your lip. Make this little knife as if it is cutting part of your lip. Skin scratch drawing will help the look to be more real. This is one example of unique lip tattoo ideas. Get other object or symbol of violence, and have it tattooed on your lip.


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Girly and Cute Foot Tattoos Ideas

Cute foot tattoos are likely best to relate with girls. Then, what needed are tattoo ideas which are girly. For recommendation, try stars drawing for your tattoos on feet. It includes several stars spreading in particular line creating sparkly look. Choose stars drawing which is commonly used on children’s books. Those are actual cute foot tattoos. Make the size of each star different from the other to avoid boring appearance. Colors are also necessary to improve the look and catch people’s attention since foot is rarely to be seen by people. Another idea for cute foot tattoos is to draw something else which is also cute. For instance, ribbon, cupcake or lollipop. You can get these cute drawings from children’s drawing book. There might be some inspirations coming after you see them. Ribbon is one good option. You can place the tattoo circling your ankle or have them on your instep part.


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Shoulder Tattoos for Men

Shoulder tattoos for men are normally part of a bigger combination of tattoo drawings or designs. The whole tattoos usually include the area of upper chest, back and upper arm. This kind of design is used to create a look that there is something sticking on your body as if it wraps you from the outside. One well-known design for shoulder tattoos for men is tribal. If you find it too usual, then try to draw a three dimension drawing of a real object, such as animals. One idea for shoulder tattoos for men is to choose an animal which looks like it can stick on your shoulder in real life. Try octopus. Draw a little Kraken’s head on your shoulder. Let the tentacles lying over your shoulder up to your chest or back. The more real the drawings, the better it will look. Use one or two colors only.


Shoulder Tattoos for Men

2013 Shoulder Tattoos for Men

Shoulder Tattoos for Men

Pink Ribbon Tattoos are Beauty

Pink ribbon tattoos are probably owned by people who have experienced breast cancer problem in their family or relatives. The outline of ribbon is universal sign of cancer. However, the ribbon’s color decides what kind of cancer people are talking about. If it is pink ribbon tattoos, then it is about breast cancer. This tattoo is quite simple yet it is still able to appeal as much as other examples of even more complicated tattoo drawings. Pink ribbon tattoos are beautiful. Some people will simply have only the ribbon tattooed on their hand or arm without any additional objects or writings. Some others prefer to add some main focus. One example is a flower of any kind. In the stem of the flower, they insert the pink ribbon. This simple addition can enhance the look of your tattoo. Another example of additional drawing is butterfly’s wings on each side of the ribbon.


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