Tattoos on Feet are Lovely

Tattoos on feet are worthy since it offers attractive focus to feet, which usually are not obvious body parts to show something off. With tattoo, your feet can be lovelier. Typically, tattoos on feet are only small drawings or short sentences sue to the limited area. Besides, one main attraction to your feet is enough to support your whole appearance. Choose a drawing, either dense or simple one. You can place it on the top of your feet or on the instep. One example is to have vines drawing starting from feet’s fingers up to your ankle. Instep is the perfect place to draw this kind of drawing. Another idea is to write something meaningful. It can be quotes, name of someone special, or certain meaningful sentences you love. Add some lines, vines, ribbons, and any other kinds of accessories to make the writing more beautiful. And, here it is, your gorgeous tattoos on feet.


Tattoos on Feet

Feet Script Tattoos on Foot

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Tattoo Sleeve Designs

Tattoo sleeve designs does not always offer fierce look. It can also be beautiful or even cute. Now, try tattoo drawings which emphasize adorable objects. First thing to consider is indeed pictures which are able to show adorable look, such as groups of cartoon characters. If you don’t have particular cartoon characters you like, then, choose other characters which you prefer. Combine these groups of characters with some different backgrounds and other objects. These tattoo sleeve designs will look even more adorable when you add more bright colors to it. Colorful drawings hold major key to make the tattoo sleeve designs adorable. Without any bright colors, your cute drawings can possibly appear boring. This is because the drawings you choose the first time concerns and appeals more with the supports of colors. You can have these drawings on full sleeve or only forearm. Whichever it is, it will still look great.


Tattoo Sleeve Designs for Men and Girls

Religiouus Tattoo Sleeve Designs

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Lower Back Tattoo

Lower back tattoo ideas are as many as upper back tattoos. The space is wide enough to have any kinds and sizes of tattoo drawing of your preference. Some people place the tattoo drawing on the spine line. This is to create symmetrical look of their chosen drawing. One example of lower back tattoo is to have beautiful patterns and carving-like drawings. Tattoo artists will indeed have many compilations of these kinds or drawings. Choose one of them which you find beautiful and have the symmetrical tattoo look. If you want a particular object for your tattoo, then simply have it. Any kinds of drawing preference will do okay. Animals are likely to be the popular option to choose for lower back tattoo. The other idea is to have beautiful words place on your body. Beautiful quotes, poems or someone special’s name will be splendid. It is not necessary to place on spine line, though.


Lower Back Tattoo Designs

Harley Davidson Lower Back Tattoo

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Full Sleeve Tattoos Drawing Choosing Steps

Full sleeve tattoos are commonly about dense drawings which cover the whole part of your sleeve area. Sleeve area is not quite wide yet it is long. Thus, you need to choose several small size objects which will not give you problems in placing the drawing on your sleeve. If the dense drawing is what you are after, then you need to choose what paintings or pile of objects you want to have for your full sleeve tattoos. First, choose one main object you want to appeal on your tattoo. One example is the drawing of phoenix. Place the phoenix in any part of the sleeve which can show it off well. Then, add background drawings around the phoenix to fill remaining bare skin. If one main object is not enough for full sleeve tattoos, choose another main object and arrange the position to have chemistry with your first main drawing.


Full sleeve tattoos Designs

Full Sleeve Tattoos Colors

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Chest Piece Tattoos

Chest piece tattoos are about big, dense or complicated tattoo drawings. This is indeed due to the large canvas you have to get any kinds of tattoo you would like to have. One example is to have religious symbol on your chest. Some people do this probably due to the powerful look and meaning of the symbol which is located near the heart, which is supposed to represent faith. Cross is one popular inspiration of a tattoo drawing. Its symmetrical shape is perfect for the chest piece tattoos because you can put it right in the center of the chest and have a great tattoo look. Some others go daring by choosing a three dimensional heart drawing on the chest, right in the place where real heart is located. This drawing is combined with several additional objects to appeal its look even more. Choose your chest piece tattoos well and don’t ever regret it.


Chest Piece Tattoos Photos

Skull Rose Chest Piece Tattoos

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Dense and Sparse Leg Sleeve Tattoos

Leg sleeve tattoos ideas are quite similar to full sleeve tattoos. Since leg area is like tube and long, you need tattoo drawings which are not too wide yet can still be. One option is to have dense leg sleeve tattoos. Dense drawings include several kinds of objects like in canvas painting. You can choose a painting you like of someone famous or someone you adore and put that drawing on your leg. This is like copying the painting to your leg. It will be alluring since it is something you love. Another idea is to have sparse leg sleeve tattoos. This involves simple patterns or drawings which leave some parts of your skin bare. One example of pattern drawing is braided lines or ribbon-like object creating a complicated drawing on the whole leg. Since it only involves lines, there won’t be dense tattoo ink on your leg. The beauty is on the complicated pattern of the drawing.


Leg Sleeve Tattoos Designs

Koi Leg Sleeve Tattoos

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Skull Sleeve Tattoos for Fierce Look

Skull sleeve tattoos offer a ferocious look to those who have it. One option is to have a big number of skulls filling the whole sleeve area. Add some additional backgrounds or objects to avoid boring and confusing look of these big number of skulls. Put some flames around your skull sleeve tattoo. It can improve your tattoo look and at the same time reduce the density of skull drawings. If you want a less dense skull sleeve tattoos, place only a small number of skulls with bigger size. Pick several different shapes of skull from different viewpoint. Choose one or two large skulls as the highlight of the overall tattoo. Make these highlights quite eye catchy and distinctive to put great impression for everyone who sees it the first time or even many times. Colored tattoo for this kind of drawing is rare. Black ink is enough since skull drawing is already great.


Skull Sleeve Tattoos Designs

Skull Sleeve Tattoos Randyorton

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Tribal Chest Tattoos for Men and Women

Tribal chest tattoos are second to none for great options of tattoo drawings. Either men or women can pull things off with these tribal chest tattoos. These tribal patterns offer a fierce yet cool look wherever they exist on your body. Chest can make these tribal tattoos even more appealing due to possibility of large size of the tattoo drawings. One style is to place these tribal chest tattoos right in the middle of the chest to create a symmetrical and catchy look. Another way is to draw them only on one side of the chest and probably extend the drawings to your shoulder or back. Since tribal patterns are like spiky-vines, you can extend the drawings easily. Mostly, tribal tattoos need only black color. However, for women who want something brighter, you can also add one or two colors to fill up the empty part of the tribal patterns.


Tribal Chest Tattoos Designs

Polynesian Tribal Chest Tattoos

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Japanese Sleeve Tattoos are Splendid

Japanese sleeve tattoos are other splendid options you have for your tattoo idea. Japanese here means many things. It can be Japanese paintings, Japanese writing or former Japanese warriors. Choose one or two from these options and start considering the display combination. For instance, choose a prototype of former Japanese warrior and Japanese writing. The writing usually is only one symbol which has philosophical meaning. For these Japanese sleeve tattoos writing, you better ask someone trusted so that you won’t write something ridiculous for your tattoo. Place the Japanese warrior drawing on the upper part of the sleeve. Add some Japanese background to highlight your tattoo. If you don’t want any background, it will also work well since Japanese warrior drawing is already a decent picture. Then, add the Japanese symbol of your preference under or above the main object of your tattoo. You better give border to put the writing on view of your Japanese sleeve tattoos.


Japanese Sleeve Tattoos Pictures

Girl Japanese Sleeve Tattoos

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