Ideas for Tattoos on Chest

Tattoos on chest are usually placed on the upper part of the chest only. This is because the upper part can be the perfect place to show your tattoo drawings off. To make it alluring, you better choose a drawing which is long enough to fill whole upper part, from right to left. For girls, the options for tattoos on chest are vines drawing. Vines are pretty. However, you can have many different impressions if you choose what kind of vines you want. Rose vines are stunning and offer you a sexy and feminine look. Color the drawings to highlight the rose flowers presence. For men, tribal chest tattoos and wild animals drawing are common options since it can offer masculine look. Some writings can also be applied as great choice for tattoos on chest. Due to large space you have on chest, you can write meaningful quotes or sentences on it.


Tattoos on Chest Pictures

Dragon Tattoos on Chest

Above is Post GAllery of Tattoos on Chest

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