Hand Tattoos for Men

Hand tattoos for men are likely to be about something cool and manly. One cool design for hand tattoos is to draw bones on top of your hand. The bones drawings are the exact copy of your hand bones. This is to create a catchy look of X-ray. So, these tattoos make your hand looking like a result of an X-ray. Draw the bones starting from the tip of fingers up to the wrist. Perhaps, get only one hand to get tattooed is better since having two bones-tattooed hands seem too much and too detailed. A glimpse of these cool hand tattoos for men will take any attention of many people. Another idea is to have a small dragon drawing on your hand. Dragon is one cool object for hand tattoos for men. Make a drawing where the dragon’s tail is circling one of your finger and the head is appearing in the middle of your hand.


Hand Tattoos for Men Design

Wolf Hand Tattoos for Men

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