Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Half sleeve tattoo is one decent way to show splendid drawings. Half sleeve tattoo can mean upper part of the sleeve or lower part. If you choose upper part of the sleeve, it will be more astounding if the tattoo drawing also takes part in the area of shoulder. One example is to have dragon sleeve tattoo. The tail of the dragon is on your elbow and it circles your upper sleeve up to your shoulder. Draw the dragon’s head on the shoulder part, whether on the front side near the chest or back side near shoulder blade. The other idea for half sleeve tattoo is to have a painting of someone’s or fictional person’s face added with particular background. Since it is only someone’s face, the size will fit perfectly to your forearm or upper sleeve area. Either part will do great. Add some details for background to add more impact to the picture.


Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Religious Half Sleeve Tattoos 2013

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