Feet Tattoos for Girls

Feet tattoos are probably more popular for girls. This is because the impressions of feet tattoos are beauty and sophistication. Besides, girls footwear typically exposes much skin of the feet. This way, the tattoo on girls’ feet can also be exposed without having problem to always take their footwear off to show the beauty of their tattoo. Simple and small drawings are the best option for feet tattoos. One example is to draw one flower with its stem laying on top or side part of your feet. Add some pale color to make it more like vintage. Or you can draw pretty animals, such as little bird or butterfly. Combine these drawings with small twigs or flower petals where these animals land. Your name or someone special is also possible options. Keep it simple to make it elegance. Don’t worry about foot tattoo pain, since the pain will not last long. The drawing is what will last beautifully.


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