Dragon Sleeve Tattoo is Awesome

Dragon sleeve tattoo is a really decent option. The long form of a dragon can fill sleeve part perfectly. You can choose one big dragon picture to circle your sleeve from the wrist up to your shoulder. A more realistic tattoo ideas drawing will be great since a dragon seems to live on your arm. Color option for dragon is commonly red to show its characteristics related to fire. Breathing fire dragon sleeve tattoo is also cool. The tail of dragon is on your shoulder and the head is on the wrist facing your palm. The fire bursting out from its head starts from its head on the wrist to your palm. Or you can draw the head on the forearm and let the fire only up to your wrist. Another idea for dragon sleeve tattoo is two dragons circling your sleeve. One dragon circles from shoulder and the other dragon circles from the wrist. The heads meet at the forearm facing each other.


Dragon Sleeve Tattoo Designs Ideas

Simple Dragon Sleeve Tattoo

It is Post and Picture Gallery of Dragon sleeve tattoo

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