Dense and Sparse Leg Sleeve Tattoos

Leg sleeve tattoos ideas are quite similar to full sleeve tattoos. Since leg area is like tube and long, you need tattoo drawings which are not too wide yet can still be. One option is to have dense leg sleeve tattoos. Dense drawings include several kinds of objects like in canvas painting. You can choose a painting you like of someone famous or someone you adore and put that drawing on your leg. This is like copying the painting to your leg. It will be alluring since it is something you love. Another idea is to have sparse leg sleeve tattoos. This involves simple patterns or drawings which leave some parts of your skin bare. One example of pattern drawing is braided lines or ribbon-like object creating a complicated drawing on the whole leg. Since it only involves lines, there won’t be dense tattoo ink on your leg. The beauty is on the complicated pattern of the drawing.


Leg Sleeve Tattoos Designs

Koi Leg Sleeve Tattoos

It is Post with Gallery of Leg Sleeve Tattoos

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