Chest Tattoo Ideas from Many Sources

Chest tattoo ideas can come from various sources. For girls, impressive inspiration can come from children books. Many illustration pictures are cute and are decent to have as chest tattoo ideas. One example is cute sparkling stars. Draw a group of stars of different sizes along your upper part of your chest from left to right. Add some sparkles surrounding the stars to make it look like it is glowing. Many other examples of children cute drawings can also be good choices. One magnificent example of chest tattoo ideas for men is to have a scratch-like drawing in the middle part of the chest. Draw a three dimensional drawings of the scratch to make it look like real wound. If you want to go bolder, add a drawing of Spiderman or Superman symbol. Thus, it will be like there is Spiderman symbol coming out from under your skin, tearing from the inside.


Chest Tattoo Ideas

Religious Chest Tattoo Ideas

Religious Chest Tattoo Ideas

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