Chest Tattoo Designs

Chest tattoo designs are likely about men. However, girls who want to be different can also have them. One idea for chest tattoo designs for both men and women is the drawings of playing card. It can be a group of Joker, Diamond, Heart or Shovel cards. Don’t put too many cards, though. It seems too dense if you have too many drawings in one place. Draw some other additional objects or patterns surrounding the cards to highlight your tattoo. Another inspiration for chest tattoo designs is to draw religious symbol. One mostly used symbol is the cross. Choose a big size cross to create a decent first impression. Be creative with the carving and additional outline of the cross. Make it as appealing as possible. You can also have additional drawings circling or surrounding the cross, such as flames, long ribbons, vines or flowers. These additional drawings will make it even more gorgeous.


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Music Chest Tattoo Designs

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