Shoulder Tattoos for Men

Shoulder tattoos for men are normally part of a bigger combination of tattoo drawings or designs. The whole tattoos usually include the area of upper chest, back and upper arm. This kind of design is used to create a look that there is something sticking on your body as if it wraps you from the outside. One well-known design for shoulder tattoos for men is tribal. If you find it too usual, then try to draw a three dimension drawing of a real object, such as animals. One idea for shoulder tattoos for men is to choose an animal which looks like it can stick on your shoulder in real life. Try octopus. Draw a little Kraken’s head on your shoulder. Let the tentacles lying over your shoulder up to your chest or back. The more real the drawings, the better it will look. Use one or two colors only.


Shoulder Tattoos for Men

2013 Shoulder Tattoos for Men

Shoulder Tattoos for Men

Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Shoulder tattoo designs vary, either for girls or men. One recommendation for girls’ shoulder tattoo designs is to have beautiful or cute tattoo drawings. One example is to draw a fairy. The shape of this beautiful mythical creature is available in many styles, based on what kinds of sources you look. If you prefer the look of fairy like Tinkerbelle, then ask your tattoo artist to create a similar figure of fairy with different look. This is a fabulous look because it seems that you have a fairy following you through time sitting or lying on your shoulder. For men, tattoo drawings recommendation will be a three dimensional drawings of human’s muscles. Around the muscles’ drawings, add another touch with huge skin scratches. This is supposed to show that those muscles are tearing apart your skin from inside. It will be like a huge artificial scar. Great shoulder tattoo designs, isn’t it?


Shoulder Tattoo Designs Pictures

Polynesian Shoulder Tattoo Designs

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