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Hidden Hand Tattoo is one trusted place you can visit to get great tattoos. They offer, as they state, exceptional artists with decades of combined experience. This is indeed one big thing to consider because artists are the ones who make tattoo appear perfectly on your body. Even if you have some magnificent inspiration for your tattoo drawings, you need someone qualified to do the job. Thus, Hidden Hand Tattoo can be your primary choice of place to go to. This place is located in the heart of Fremont. If you are interested, you can simply visit their webpage. There, you can get much information about the exact location, how to contact them or what time they open. There is also forum of questions and answers. You might be able to find some useful information. Another thing is that you can meet Hidden Hand Tattoo on particular tattoo convention.


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Hand Tattoos for Men

Hand tattoos for men are likely to be about something cool and manly. One cool design for hand tattoos is to draw bones on top of your hand. The bones drawings are the exact copy of your hand bones. This is to create a catchy look of X-ray. So, these tattoos make your hand looking like a result of an X-ray. Draw the bones starting from the tip of fingers up to the wrist. Perhaps, get only one hand to get tattooed is better since having two bones-tattooed hands seem too much and too detailed. A glimpse of these cool hand tattoos for men will take any attention of many people. Another idea is to have a small dragon drawing on your hand. Dragon is one cool object for hand tattoos for men. Make a drawing where the dragon’s tail is circling one of your finger and the head is appearing in the middle of your hand.


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Vines for Hand Tattoo Designs

Hand tattoo designs are so various. There are so many options and creative drawings you can have for hand tattoo designs. Now, let’s try ideas of hand tattoo for girls. Here, we will concern more on pretty tattoo, such as flower vines. Draw vines of particular flower you prefer starting from the wrist. Make a larger bush of vines on the upper part of the hand. Create more complicated braided vines on this part. Add more flowers and leaves to fill in the emptiness. Then, reduce the size of the vines as it goes to your finger. When it starts to approach your finger, make only one or two lines of vines lying on one of your finger, only one finger. Index finger or ring finger is decent options for these vines drawing extension. On the tip of the finger, add a blooming flower to make a focus of the overall hand tattoo designs.


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Hand Tattoos for Women

Hand tattoos for women must be related to something sophisticated. Now, let’s try to get something sophisticated from simple tattoo drawings. First is to have tribal pattern combine with some feminine object. Heart shape will be one pleasant example for combined design of hand tattoos for women. Thus, find an inspiration of what tribal patterns which does not show too much strong and fierce look. Between these braided lines, add a slight change to insert the heart shape in the middle or side part of the tribal pattern. Make the seize small. Big tattoo drawings are not likely for sophisticated look of women. Put the drawing on the front part of the hand between the thumb and index finger. Second idea for hand tattoos for women is to have a name written in a unique font style. Put the writings in the same position of the previous idea.


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