Baby Feet Tattoos as Remembrance

Baby feet tattoos are splendid way to keep beautiful memory lasting for good. Those cute baby feet are great remembrance about the time they are growing. There are various way to have these baby feet tattoos. First idea is to have the real size of your child’s feet for your tattoo. You can have either one foot only or both. To make it more beautiful, you better add the child’s name close to the tattoos. Best body for these tattoos is back since it offers a large area to have the drawing done perfectly. You might need more space to have baby feet tattoos if you want the real-size feet of the baby. In other case, these tattoos might look cute enough for some people who are not parent yet. Then, you can also directly get them. This is still a good option for tattoo drawing. You don’t need to have real-size baby feet, though.


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Tattoos on Feet are Lovely

Tattoos on feet are worthy since it offers attractive focus to feet, which usually are not obvious body parts to show something off. With tattoo, your feet can be lovelier. Typically, tattoos on feet are only small drawings or short sentences sue to the limited area. Besides, one main attraction to your feet is enough to support your whole appearance. Choose a drawing, either dense or simple one. You can place it on the top of your feet or on the instep. One example is to have vines drawing starting from feet’s fingers up to your ankle. Instep is the perfect place to draw this kind of drawing. Another idea is to write something meaningful. It can be quotes, name of someone special, or certain meaningful sentences you love. Add some lines, vines, ribbons, and any other kinds of accessories to make the writing more beautiful. And, here it is, your gorgeous tattoos on feet.


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Girly and Cute Foot Tattoos Ideas

Cute foot tattoos are likely best to relate with girls. Then, what needed are tattoo ideas which are girly. For recommendation, try stars drawing for your tattoos on feet. It includes several stars spreading in particular line creating sparkly look. Choose stars drawing which is commonly used on children’s books. Those are actual cute foot tattoos. Make the size of each star different from the other to avoid boring appearance. Colors are also necessary to improve the look and catch people’s attention since foot is rarely to be seen by people. Another idea for cute foot tattoos is to draw something else which is also cute. For instance, ribbon, cupcake or lollipop. You can get these cute drawings from children’s drawing book. There might be some inspirations coming after you see them. Ribbon is one good option. You can place the tattoo circling your ankle or have them on your instep part.


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Feet Tattoos for Girls

Feet tattoos are probably more popular for girls. This is because the impressions of feet tattoos are beauty and sophistication. Besides, girls footwear typically exposes much skin of the feet. This way, the tattoo on girls’ feet can also be exposed without having problem to always take their footwear off to show the beauty of their tattoo. Simple and small drawings are the best option for feet tattoos. One example is to draw one flower with its stem laying on top or side part of your feet. Add some pale color to make it more like vintage. Or you can draw pretty animals, such as little bird or butterfly. Combine these drawings with small twigs or flower petals where these animals land. Your name or someone special is also possible options. Keep it simple to make it elegance. Don’t worry about foot tattoo pain, since the pain will not last long. The drawing is what will last beautifully.


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Foot Tattoo Pain

Foot tattoo pain is a common discussion among people who have or have not got tattoo on their foot. Many people state that compared to any other parts of their body, foot tattoo is the most painful. This might be due to the bones on foot which are close to skin, unlike any other parts of the body which still have flesh between bone and skin. However, foot tattoo pain varies from one person to another. If this is your first time, it might hurt badly. For others who have experienced it before probably feel less pain or even no pain. Overall, tattoo is about needle pricking your skin repeatedly. Of course, it will be painful. To reduce this foot tattoo pain, you better take a good care of your foot after getting tattoo. Cleanliness is crucial to reduce continuous swell. More than that, time will heal it and you get your stunning foot tattoo.


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