Trying Tattooed Breasts

Tattooed breasts are already becoming common things to do among tattoo enthusiasts. You can choose whether you want to have big scale tattoo or only a simple and little one. Now, let’s start with big and dense tattooed breasts. The idea is similar to drawing tattoo on any other part of the body. Pick one simple object of your preference and put the drawing on the upper part of the breast. Frequently, people will draw the tattoo only on one side of the breast. Another idea for tattooed breasts is to go bold by covering the whole breasts area with tattoo drawings. Flowers, carvings and vines are beautiful objects you can choose. Use colors to highlight your tattoo presence. You better choose wisely where you will place your tattoo drawings because if it is too hidden, the beauty can’t be appealed to other people. You can keep the beauty yourself, though.


Tattooed Breasts

Chest Tattooed Breasts

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Chest Piece Tattoos

Chest piece tattoos are about big, dense or complicated tattoo drawings. This is indeed due to the large canvas you have to get any kinds of tattoo you would like to have. One example is to have religious symbol on your chest. Some people do this probably due to the powerful look and meaning of the symbol which is located near the heart, which is supposed to represent faith. Cross is one popular inspiration of a tattoo drawing. Its symmetrical shape is perfect for the chest piece tattoos because you can put it right in the center of the chest and have a great tattoo look. Some others go daring by choosing a three dimensional heart drawing on the chest, right in the place where real heart is located. This drawing is combined with several additional objects to appeal its look even more. Choose your chest piece tattoos well and don’t ever regret it.


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Skull Rose Chest Piece Tattoos

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Tribal Chest Tattoos for Men and Women

Tribal chest tattoos are second to none for great options of tattoo drawings. Either men or women can pull things off with these tribal chest tattoos. These tribal patterns offer a fierce yet cool look wherever they exist on your body. Chest can make these tribal tattoos even more appealing due to possibility of large size of the tattoo drawings. One style is to place these tribal chest tattoos right in the middle of the chest to create a symmetrical and catchy look. Another way is to draw them only on one side of the chest and probably extend the drawings to your shoulder or back. Since tribal patterns are like spiky-vines, you can extend the drawings easily. Mostly, tribal tattoos need only black color. However, for women who want something brighter, you can also add one or two colors to fill up the empty part of the tribal patterns.


Tribal Chest Tattoos Designs

Polynesian Tribal Chest Tattoos

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Chest Tattoo Designs

Chest tattoo designs are likely about men. However, girls who want to be different can also have them. One idea for chest tattoo designs for both men and women is the drawings of playing card. It can be a group of Joker, Diamond, Heart or Shovel cards. Don’t put too many cards, though. It seems too dense if you have too many drawings in one place. Draw some other additional objects or patterns surrounding the cards to highlight your tattoo. Another inspiration for chest tattoo designs is to draw religious symbol. One mostly used symbol is the cross. Choose a big size cross to create a decent first impression. Be creative with the carving and additional outline of the cross. Make it as appealing as possible. You can also have additional drawings circling or surrounding the cross, such as flames, long ribbons, vines or flowers. These additional drawings will make it even more gorgeous.


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Music Chest Tattoo Designs

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Chest Tattoo Ideas from Many Sources

Chest tattoo ideas can come from various sources. For girls, impressive inspiration can come from children books. Many illustration pictures are cute and are decent to have as chest tattoo ideas. One example is cute sparkling stars. Draw a group of stars of different sizes along your upper part of your chest from left to right. Add some sparkles surrounding the stars to make it look like it is glowing. Many other examples of children cute drawings can also be good choices. One magnificent example of chest tattoo ideas for men is to have a scratch-like drawing in the middle part of the chest. Draw a three dimensional drawings of the scratch to make it look like real wound. If you want to go bolder, add a drawing of Spiderman or Superman symbol. Thus, it will be like there is Spiderman symbol coming out from under your skin, tearing from the inside.


Chest Tattoo Ideas

Religious Chest Tattoo Ideas

Religious Chest Tattoo Ideas

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Ideas for Tattoos on Chest

Tattoos on chest are usually placed on the upper part of the chest only. This is because the upper part can be the perfect place to show your tattoo drawings off. To make it alluring, you better choose a drawing which is long enough to fill whole upper part, from right to left. For girls, the options for tattoos on chest are vines drawing. Vines are pretty. However, you can have many different impressions if you choose what kind of vines you want. Rose vines are stunning and offer you a sexy and feminine look. Color the drawings to highlight the rose flowers presence. For men, tribal chest tattoos and wild animals drawing are common options since it can offer masculine look. Some writings can also be applied as great choice for tattoos on chest. Due to large space you have on chest, you can write meaningful quotes or sentences on it.


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Dragon Tattoos on Chest

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