Lower Back Tattoo

Lower back tattoo ideas are as many as upper back tattoos. The space is wide enough to have any kinds and sizes of tattoo drawing of your preference. Some people place the tattoo drawing on the spine line. This is to create symmetrical look of their chosen drawing. One example of lower back tattoo is to have beautiful patterns and carving-like drawings. Tattoo artists will indeed have many compilations of these kinds or drawings. Choose one of them which you find beautiful and have the symmetrical tattoo look. If you want a particular object for your tattoo, then simply have it. Any kinds of drawing preference will do okay. Animals are likely to be the popular option to choose for lower back tattoo. The other idea is to have beautiful words place on your body. Beautiful quotes, poems or someone special’s name will be splendid. It is not necessary to place on spine line, though.


Lower Back Tattoo Designs

Harley Davidson Lower Back Tattoo

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Tattoos on The Back

Tattoos on the back are the most common thing to do for people who are fond of the art of tattoo. This is due to the large space you have for drawing any kinds of tattoo drawings you desire. Your back is like a big empty canvas. Thus, you need to decide how to fill this canvas with something magnificent. One style for tattoos on the back is to go simple and sparse. Choose small object yet appealing of drawing and put it in one apt part of the back which can highlight it over time. Another style for tattoos on the back is to go bolder with full back tattoos. Go with density and complicated drawings. Fill the whole back area with tattoo drawings. You can also add some lines of words among the drawings to make a difference and another focus. Extend the drawings to your arm or stomach to create an even more magnificent look.


Tattoos on The Back

Tattoos on The Back for Men

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Full Back Tattoos

Full back tattoos are for those people who want to go bold and daring. Due the wideness of back area, you will need drawings which are able to appeal and at the same time not making people who see it dizzy due to its density. One idea for full back tattoos is to draw one main attraction of particular object in huge size to fill the whole back area. For men, it is recommended to have wild animals’ tattoo drawing. You can choose either only the head or full body of the animal. This will result in sexy back tattoos. For girls or women who concern more about femininity and beauty, it is recommended to have colorful tattoo of particular paintings. The painting can be a scenery or duplication of famous painting in the world of your preference. Choose the best part of the painting only and fill the whole back with that beautiful work of art for your full back tattoos.


Full Back Tattoos Ideas

Full Back Tattoos Ideas

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Sexy Back Tattoos

Sexy back tattoos ideas for girls are to have vines of wild plants and flowers spreading on back. The vines can be of vintage or other kinds of vines you prefer. It is not necessarily to have flowers for your vines tattoo. However, flowers are still great choice for girl sexy back tattoo since its beauty is appealing. You can have the vines only on upper or lower part of the back or along the way from upper part to lower part of the back. Using black ink only for this sexy back tattoos is enough. The complicated vine drawings are still appealing even without colors. Another idea for sexy back tattoo is small drawings of wings. Choose the model type of angels’ wings. Draw them on your upper back. Between these wings, you can write something meaningful to highlight the presence of the wings. This sexy back tattoos can also be used for men.


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