Trying Tattooed Breasts

Tattooed breasts are already becoming common things to do among tattoo enthusiasts. You can choose whether you want to have big scale tattoo or only a simple and little one. Now, let’s start with big and dense tattooed breasts. The idea is similar to drawing tattoo on any other part of the body. Pick one simple object of your preference and put the drawing on the upper part of the breast. Frequently, people will draw the tattoo only on one side of the breast. Another idea for tattooed breasts is to go bold by covering the whole breasts area with tattoo drawings. Flowers, carvings and vines are beautiful objects you can choose. Use colors to highlight your tattoo presence. You better choose wisely where you will place your tattoo drawings because if it is too hidden, the beauty can’t be appealed to other people. You can keep the beauty yourself, though.


Tattooed Breasts

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Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Half sleeve tattoo is one decent way to show splendid drawings. Half sleeve tattoo can mean upper part of the sleeve or lower part. If you choose upper part of the sleeve, it will be more astounding if the tattoo drawing also takes part in the area of shoulder. One example is to have dragon sleeve tattoo. The tail of the dragon is on your elbow and it circles your upper sleeve up to your shoulder. Draw the dragon’s head on the shoulder part, whether on the front side near the chest or back side near shoulder blade. The other idea for half sleeve tattoo is to have a painting of someone’s or fictional person’s face added with particular background. Since it is only someone’s face, the size will fit perfectly to your forearm or upper sleeve area. Either part will do great. Add some details for background to add more impact to the picture.


Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

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Girly and Cute Wrist Tattoos

Cute wrist tattoos will include children drawings and some other cute objects surrounding us every day. One example is to draw cartoon characters. Some cartoons are quite cute and really suitable for your cute wrist tattoos. Either you want to have it small or big, it will still be cute, for instance, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. These characters are so popular worldwide. Its cuteness is second to none. Moreover, its colors are bright. Thus, it can also brighten your tattoo look by copying the real colors of the cartoon. Another example for cute wrist tattoos is drawing ribbon. Ribbon is typically attached to girly and cute stuff. This is an adorable option for wrist tattoo. It doesn’t need many space and color. Even single ribbon in the middle of the wrist will look amazing. Still, if you want to be more creative, you can add something more surrounding the ribbon.


Cute Wrist Tattoos for Girls

Cute Bird Tattoos on Wrist

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Hidden Hand Tattoo, The Right Place for Tattoo

Hidden Hand Tattoo is one trusted place you can visit to get great tattoos. They offer, as they state, exceptional artists with decades of combined experience. This is indeed one big thing to consider because artists are the ones who make tattoo appear perfectly on your body. Even if you have some magnificent inspiration for your tattoo drawings, you need someone qualified to do the job. Thus, Hidden Hand Tattoo can be your primary choice of place to go to. This place is located in the heart of Fremont. If you are interested, you can simply visit their webpage. There, you can get much information about the exact location, how to contact them or what time they open. There is also forum of questions and answers. You might be able to find some useful information. Another thing is that you can meet Hidden Hand Tattoo on particular tattoo convention.


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Get Your Tribal Arm Tattoos

Tribal arm tattoos ideas are similar to tribal tattoos on any other part of the body. There are huge numbers of tribal patterns available on many sources. Internet and tattoo artist’s tattoo compilation books are main sources you can reach easily to get inspiration in deciding what tribal arm tattoos you prefer. You can choose these tribal arm tattoos to fill the whole arm. You can also make an extension of these tribal patterns to your palm and front part of the hand. Some people make a vivid border of the tattoo, so it has lines limit the tattoo on their wrist. If you don’t want to fill the whole arm, choose the simple tribal patterns and place it in the most appropriate place on your arm. It is either on the upper part of the arm or somewhere near your wrist. Tribal tattoos offer a fine look for whoever has them on their body.


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Tribal Sleeve Tattoos

Tribal sleeve tattoos are excellent option to those who are longing cool look. Either man or woman can pull off tribal sleeve tattoos since the look of these tattoos are just so magnificent on anyone. If you want something bold, choose sharp tribal patterns. Sharp patterns include the shape of spiky thick lines arranged into particular form. The form can be in the shape of an object, such as a wing. It can also be not arranged into something particular. Yet, you concern more on the pattern forms. Full sleeve tattoos or half sleeve tattoos will do just awesome with these tribal drawings. Another thing to have tribal sleeve tattoos is to have drawings which are less spiky. It involves many patterns of zigzag lines, diagonal, vertical and horizontal lines arrangement. This is to reduce the sharp look to create a more light looking tattoo. This might be working for girls who want to go tribal.


Tribal Sleeve Tattoos

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Baby Feet Tattoos as Remembrance

Baby feet tattoos are splendid way to keep beautiful memory lasting for good. Those cute baby feet are great remembrance about the time they are growing. There are various way to have these baby feet tattoos. First idea is to have the real size of your child’s feet for your tattoo. You can have either one foot only or both. To make it more beautiful, you better add the child’s name close to the tattoos. Best body for these tattoos is back since it offers a large area to have the drawing done perfectly. You might need more space to have baby feet tattoos if you want the real-size feet of the baby. In other case, these tattoos might look cute enough for some people who are not parent yet. Then, you can also directly get them. This is still a good option for tattoo drawing. You don’t need to have real-size baby feet, though.


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Go Simple for Lip Tattoo Ideas

Lip tattoo ideas are for both men and girls who want to go even more different from others. It is quite atypical to have tattoo on the outer part of the lips since it is commonly for girls who want to have brighter color of lips. Here, we are talking about drawing something on the lips. To be exact, the inside part of the lips is the place where people usually have the tattoo. One example of lip tattoo ideas is to have a simple drawing of an object. It can be flower, cartoon, star or animal. However, due to the limited space, you better only choose one object and draw it in a really small size which is fitting to the space available on your lips. Draw only one object to avoid vagueness since this drawing is on a difficult-to-see part of your body. Any other drawing will be good for lip tattoo ideas as long you can keep it simple.


Lip Tattoo Ideas

Lip Tattoo Ideas for Men

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Single Color or Colorful Arm Sleeve Tattoos

Arm sleeve tattoos are frequently seen on men. This is probably because girls are likely to choose something simpler to cover only a small part of their body. However, it does not mean that you, girls, can’t have these arm sleeve tattoos. For men, the tattoos will be more of full tattoo drawing of one color covering every inch of their arm sleeve. Most of it is a kind of painting full of objects and backgrounds. These are like painting on canvas which is copied to the arm. Wrist is the regular limit of these drawings. It is quite rare to find extension of tattoo drawings on people’s palms. These dense and complicated tattoo drawings are actually can be applied to girls. What make things quite different are probably the choice of drawings and the use of more colors. Arm sleeve tattoos for girls are typically anything related to flowers and plants.


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